The developer in addition to the keys will also provide the buyer with the documentation that allows the user the effective occupation of the house and that makes him able to fulfill his obligations on the use, maintenance and conservation. The documents to be received by the buyer are regulated by the regulations in force. We will list these documents here, warning that all of them must be in the hands of the user before starting the effective occupation of the house and the building, unless some of them have already been provided at the time of the sale.

These are the documents are:

– Site plan of the house with the data set that allows its identification within the building or group of homes to which it belongs.

– Plans of the house and its annexes, constricted and at minimum scale 1:100, including at least the flatbed floor plan and those corresponding to the actual layout of its facilities, with specification of the useful area of the house and its annexed elements.

– Description of the housing and its annexes, as well as its electricity network, water, sanitation, gas, thermal, electromechanical and telecommunications networks, and equipment and systems of fire protection, with the degree of definition determined in the current regulations on housing.

– General description of the building or urbanization in which the house is located, common areas and accessory services, with the degree of definition determined in the current regulations on housing.

– Reference that allows to know in a concrete, precise and objective way, the quality of construction materials, construction units and facilities of services of all kinds, both individual and of the community

– Burdens and encumbrances that may grab the house, its facilities or access to it.

– Identifying Data of the registration of the house in the Land Registry, as well as its burdens and encumbrances at the date of the provision of the information. If it is not registered, this data will be mentioned expressly, and then the registration data of the plot on which the house has been built and its burdens will be mentioned.

– Certificate of the final qualification, in case of Protected Housing.

– First occupation license.

– Drinking water installation bulletin.

– Bulletin of the installation of electrical energy or certificate of the installation carried out by the competent body of the Autonomous Community, together with the instructions for use and maintenance, documents specific to the installation and one-line scheme thereof.

– Certificate of gas installation, when the building is equipped with this installation.

– Certificate of telecommunications installation.

– Only when the nominal thermal power of an installation, in heat or cold generation, is greater than 70 Kw, or greater than or equal to 5 Kw and less than or equal to 70 kW:

• Project (in the first case) or technical specifications of the actually executed installation.

• Installation Use and Maintenance Manual.

• List of the materials and equipment installed indicating their technical and operational characteristics, together with the corresponding documentation of origin and warranty.

• The results of the functionality tests carried out.

• Certificate of the installation registered with the competent body of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.

• Certificate of initial inspection, when required.

– Copy of the Energy Efficiency Certificate of the finished building.

For actions in case of emergency:

– Description of the fire safety measures that the property has.

– Instructions on evacuation of the property in case of emergency.

Along with these documents, the user must also receive:

– List of supplying and marketing companies, where appropriate, with sufficient data about them, which allow the user to establish contact for the contracting of the services.

– Identification list of the agents that have intervened during the building process (promoter, designer –architect, technical architect, builder, suppliers, entities and quality control laboratories).

On the other hand, the promoter must transfer to the user:

– Guarantees, duly sealed, provided by manufacturers or suppliers, on appliances, machines and equipment with which the house is equipped.

– Guarantees and insurance that are bound by the contractual provisions.

And to finish:

– Instructions for use, maintenance and conservation, consisting of:

– Private Manual for Use, Maintenance and Conservation.

– Manuals, where applicable, of certain facilities arranged in the home.

– Manuals and instructions for equipment, machines and appliances installed in the home.

– Copy of the fire insurance policy, if it is in force at the time of delivery of the house, if its has a mortgage.[:]

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