The owner of AIFOS, accused of swindling 626.000 EUR to 30 people, to be judged today

The owner of AIFOS, accused of swindling 626.000 EUR to 30 people, to be judged today

law3The High Court of Malaga is today proceeding to judge the real estate promoter owner of AIFOS, Jesús Ruiz Casado, and his wife, both accused by the Malaga district prosecution for allegedly swindling over 626.000 EUR to 30 people with the sale of 16 apartments in different parts of the province that where to be built. According to the Prosecutor’s provisional conclusions, accessed by Europe Press, the defendants were the directors of the company AIFOS ARQUITECTURA Y PROMOCIONES INMOBILIARIAS. Such company started on year 2001 the promotion of several houses which were to be built at various locations.

The public prosecution contends that there was “an advertisement or an offer containing false statements about some uncertain features on the houses to be built” and points out that from August 2001 the company began to sign contracts with various people who wanted to acquire such supposedly “under construction” houses. According to these contracts, the public prosecutor indicates, buyers paid on the agreed dates the amounts stipulated “believing the construction of dwellings had began and that these where to be delivered within 20 months, while the defendant did not carry out the projected work”.

The Prosecutor’s Office notes that the works had not even  been licensed by Town Hall authorities while the purchasers were making different disbursements that defendants took in profit, when to neither date there have been a construction nor any amount has been returned to any of the mistreated parties.

The Prosecutor alleges this is a crime against consumers’ rights jointly with another one, related to it, of continued fraud and requests a punishment of seven years in prison for each, plus a disqualification from leadership or management of companies for the same time and fines of 8,100 EUR for the first offence and 18,000 EUR for the second one. In addition, the Prosecutor urges compensation of the amount handed over to each affected person.

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