Non E.U. What documents do we need to obtain a permanent and legal residence in Spain? Which is the process of obtaining the residence as a freelance worker?

Non E.U. What documents do we need to obtain a permanent and legal residence in Spain? Which is the process of obtaining the residence as a freelance worker?

You will need to fulfill the following requisites

a) You are not a non-regular resident in Spain

b) You are not having criminal antecedents neither in Spain, nor in the Countries of previous residence in the last 5 years.

c) You have the sufficient experience on the professional activity and are able to demonstrate it. (i.e. a well documented curriculum)

d) You need to prove that the initial investment for the professional project is sufficient and demonstrate the existence of employment creation if that is the case.

e) You need to prove that as freelancer you have sufficient economic resources for your day living and housing and for the persons who are depending on you. In case that the proven resources come from the freelance activity, the valuation shall be made once the economic resources needed for the work are deducted. The current amounts that are considered as sufficient for a person’s day living and housing are around EUROS 2,200 per month, plus EUR 500 per month for each child or person depending on him, if that is the case.


1. The non-resident freelance worker who wishes to work and reside in Spain shall issue the official request in person at the Spanish consulate of his place of residence (Non E.U. Country)

2. Such official request shall be made attaching the documents proving the fulfillment of the above-mentioned requisites, such as:

a) Copy of valid Passport or traveling document.

b) Certificate of valid request of registry to be made to Spanish Tax authorities concerning the freelance work activity (This certificate request shall be done and issued by an agent here in Spain)

c) Documents showing and proving the necessary professional capacity for the freelance activity

d) A detailed dossier regarding the Project about the opening and setting up of the work activity, indicating the investment as it it foreseen, its expected profitability, and if that is the case, the employment expected to be created, as well as the documents showing and proving the freelance worker has the sufficient investment means to develop the Project, or alternatively, by showing the undertaking by any Bank or financial entity to support the Project.

3. The Spanish Consulate shall proceed to registry the request and shall give the requester a communication certifying the procedure has been initiated.

4. After that, The Spanish authorities shall reply accepting or rejecting the request depending of the fulfillment of the requisites and the validity of the proofs and documents given and shall notify of it to you. If the acceptance is given, the freelance worker shall request a Visa also personally at the Consulate within a term of one month.

5. With such request the freelance worker shall deliver the following documentation:

a) Valid ordinary Passport or traveling document with a minimum validity term of 4 months

b) Certificate of Criminal antecedents, to be issued by the authorities in the Country of residence of the freelance worker. Such certificate must show there have been no criminal offenses.

c) Medical certificate showing the freelance worker does not have any of the diseases that could put on risk the Public health.

6. If the above is O.K. the authorities shall grant the Visa to the freelance worker and he will need to go to the Spanish territory within a term (during the following three months), and then the worker shall apply to be registered in the Spanish Social Security. Such registry shall be considered as the effectiveness of the residency and shall entitle the freelance worker to get the corresponding Residence Card at the Spanish local Police department.

The initial term of one year Residence could be renewed at the expiry, for a term of two years and such additional term also is renewed upon request after expiry.

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