How to buy a home in Spain step by step

How to buy a home in Spain step by step

j0289537This is an useful guide published by the Spanish Property Registrars Association worth reading by every non-resident English speaking investor.

You will note however that even if this guide clearly explains the basic steps needed and even though going through these seems to be presented as an easy job, there will be tasks within those steps that could put the most advised or skillful non-resident in the middle of a nightmarish  labyrinth.

Advices such as “Check the legal situation of the house/owner at the Land Registry or Mercantile Registry books” or “ask the registrar for oral advice” or a glorious sentence like: “go to City Hall to find out whether the land in question can be built on” make us believe that the aim of introducing this guide as a manual giving you all you need to accomplish your goal on your own is sometimes naïve even when it is well-meaning.

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